What is anchorage length meaning in civil engineering

What is anchorage length meaning in civil engineering

What is the first word that comes to our mind when thinking about civil engineering? Tall infrastructures, large buildings, dams, bridges, roads, etc. These are the words that strike our minds soon after we hear this word. Everything we see around is the gift offered by a civil engineer. We should thank this noble profession for endowing a newer world to this world.

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Civil engineering is vast engineering and known as the second most older branch of engineering known to mankind. Engineering not only bestowed the world with some terrific infrastructures but also envisioned the dream for a high-tech world in the future. The leaning tower of Pisa is the best example of the same. The lot could be learned through the concept related to such miraculous work.

There lies a particular term on the importance of structural engineering in everyday life. Anchorage length is that term that should be known to every civil engineering learner. One such term that has defined modern architecture.

There are two types of lengths as below.

Development Length & Lap length
When we connect the column with the beam. Simply, using the concrete material to join isn’t an option. Not at all in terms of providing rigidity to the joining structure. It gets encountered with multiple kinds of stresses and loads. These stresses and loads if exceed more than the factor of safety. It can lead to adverse failure where fatalities could be severe. Not to get into such a scenario, knowing of theoretical concepts' importance increases.

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Therefore, we use an iron bar grouped depending on the strength and rigidity that need to be provided to the structure. It is joined through various metal rods further modified into a frame. This frame provides essential durability to the whole structure.

In simple words, if we can say that the iron bar is the skeleton that supports the entire system. But as I have mentioned before, merely joining the beam with the column is not feasible so in such a case, we increase the length of the iron bar that penetrates deep into the column equivalent to more than the diameter of the column. The length that gets penetrated deep inside the column is known as the development length. But to provide extra rigidity and locking strength to the structure, some portion of the development is bent at a certain angle that goes all the way parallel to the column orientation. That’s where anchorage length comes into the picture.

I am sure, we go. Pirates of Caribbean Hollywood movie is a great example of this term. The anchor is the mechanism in a form of hard metal that has a shape of an arrow. With this connection is the metal wire. To stop or to choke the movement of the vessel to make it still and prevent it from moving from its place, the anchor is thrown underwater where it gets pierced deep inside the sea bed thus holding the ponderous ship. You must have understood the basic function of the anchor as of now.

This same function is provided through anchorage length to the entire building structure that is to hold the beam with column firmly at a right angle. While we turn the metal bar to the opposite side of the acting multiple loads and stresses, it can restrict any kinds of movement as such.

Where development length transfers the load from beam to column, anchorage length transfers the same load from column to the top of it. That’s where its importance increases. Now we shall be knowing the formula for anchorage length or how we can find out the length. To find out there is a formula that needs to be kept in mind for all.

Ld+10d-bend where,

‘Ld’ is the development length, ‘d’ is the diameter of the metal bar and bend is the angle of bend of the metal bar.

45 degree= 4d

90 degree= 8d

135 degree= 12d

180 degree= 16d

With this formula shown above, we call easily find out the anchorage length. Only required are the calculator and pen paper.

One of the key aspects of modern civil engineering. Though looks simple but its application is intensely vast. It is one of the key types of development length. Before it was not in much use, but nowadays its application is widely used in almost every newly built structure around. It can easily be seen through the breaking of the ceiling with any solid object. The tilted metal bar is the anchorage length.

Summarising the entire content, in short, I simply want to add that civil engineering covers the vital parameter in today’s world. Dating back from the ancient century, the Harappa civilization is a wonderful example of miraculous architecture with the major touch of civil or structural engineering.

Thanks for your precious time in going through the content. This content is informational. If you found it useful, then do share it with everybody and let the sunshine of civil engineering enchants everybody’s soul.

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