How does English tell fundamental concepts of language to students

How does English tell fundamental concepts of language to students

In today’s fast-growing world, becoming multilingual is important. Knowing English tuition online plays an important role in clearing all the fundamental concepts of language and students taking Ziyyara’s online classes are much beneficial. Along with opening up many employment opportunities, knowing a foreign language like English can help build an accurate connection with people and their diverse cultures.

1. Fundamental concepts of English
Grammar is the key foundation for all writing and speaking in English. Students taking Ziyyara’s online English tuition can have a solid foundation of the English language and in turn, can improve their fluency in this language. And all the native speakers can also take these classes to refresh their English grammar basics concepts which they might have forgotten over time. Refreshing the basics regularly helps get stay updated with all the concepts.

2. Parts of Speech
In English grammar, there are eight major parts of speech including:

  • Noun
  • Pronoun
  • Adjective
  • Verb
  • Adverb
  • Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection

The noun is an important fundamental concept of a language and the easiest way to remember nouns is that it refers to people, places, or things. A few of the examples of nouns discussed in online classes offered by our English home tutor include:

3. Pronouns
Pronouns are words that are used to replace nouns. A few of the examples of pronouns include I, me, she, we, they, who, etc. Pronouns are antecedents that indicate that the thing (or person, or place) that the pronoun refers to must be mentioned previously in the same sentence or paragraph. Ram is a good boy. He can swim in the ocean. He loves swimming much.

Adjectives used in English are actually descriptive words that add detail to a sentence. Adjectives provide an important piece of information and help make any particular sentence more interesting. Some of the examples include hot, fuzzy, round, etc. All these concepts are discussed during our online classes offered by an online English tutor.

Verbs are action words that have an easier explanation and help make the concepts clear. Verbs indicate what the subject of the sentence is up to. For instance, he ran into the house, she purchased a new bag, etc.

Adverbs describe verbs, adjectives, or even a whole sentence. In the majority of cases, Adverbs often end with suffixes like “ly”, etc.

Prepositions are small words that inform us about the place or position of something. Like the monkey is sitting on the tree, the pen is inside the bag, etc.

Some of the kinds of conjunctions include words like and, but, and some other words as well that connect new concepts, clauses, or parts of sentences.

Some of the kinds of Interjections include words like wow and yay that are spoken out in excitement. These words are spoken out of excitement and help convey extreme emotion. But the problem with interjections is that they need to have a great deal of context to be understood, thus all the concepts at Ziyyara are taught by our online English tutor in a very detailed manner. For instance, Hurray! We won the match, Hey! How’s it going, etc.

Verb Tenses
Verbs appear in all forms including past, present, and future tenses. The past tense is used for describing things that already occurred in the past. The present tense is used while describing what is happening at present, or continuous things, and the future tense mentions things that have yet to happen (e.g., later, tomorrow, next week, next year, three years from now). You can know more from our online English tutor.

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Past tense
I lived here at the age of thirteen.

Present tense
I live here now.

Future tense
I will work here after completing the age of 50.

Some benefits of learning English from our English tutor online
Whether you want to learn English for professional or personal reasons, having a detailed understanding of the same will offer many benefits in the future. Some of the inspiring reasons for learning and improving your English language skills by taking sessions from English tutor online include:

1. English is an international language
English is one of the most popular and spoken languages in the world, and it is the official language of more than 50 countries as well. Therefore, there are higher chances that if you meet someone from another country, he/she must be speaking in English only. Knowing English by taking home tuition for English is beneficial and it will open doors to the world and let you communicate with citizens across the world.

2. Knowing English gives access to the Internet
At present, the majority of any films, TV shows, books, etc. are published and produced in English, and in case you know the same language, you can get access to all these contents. Even accessing the content published over the media can help improve your English listening and reading skills.

So learning English is not only useful to get a good academic score but it helps improve your overall learning skills. If you feel confident that taking online tuition for English will help you a lot then you must enroll in an English language proficiency class, enroll for Ziyyara’s online English tuition.

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