What You Should Know About Basic Tooth Nerve Damage Signs

What You Should Know About Basic Tooth Nerve Damage Signs

What is Toothache
Toothache is one of the most common dental problems that a person faces. A sharp pain in the tooth when it is touched or when someone bites something is one of the most common symptoms. Slight pain and tenderness may also be felt in the tooth or teeth may be felt when it comes in contact with hot or cold products of food.

Why does Toothache occur
Being the most common dental problem it also happens due to common ignorant issues. If any food particle is stuck in between the teeth, be it something sweet or something spicy attracts germs and bacteria which appear to consume those food particles and cause infections. For this reason, toothache occurs. When this kind of problem arises, it is better to see a Battersea emergency dentist but before that, they should book an emergency dentist appointment in Chatfield Dental Centre in case of immense unbearable toothache. In places like Battersea, they are provided with these emergency dental services. Dental problems may seem to be minor, but they can turn into major difficulties if not attended immediately.

Mainly, this toothache causes damage to the nerve that surrounds the tooth. That nerve damage causes immense pain and increases the sensitivity on the tooth and for that reason; the person might face difficulties while having his favourite food. One of the main causes of tooth nerve damage is caused because of a cracked tooth.

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Treatments are done to cure Toothaches:
A person suffering from these kinds of toothaches should immediately as these toothaches also cause the person to develop fever, have red swollen gums and have a foul-smelling discharge and experience difficulty in swallowing. These symptoms declare the severity of the case. In places like Battersea, there are very much efficient in handling emergency cases. So it is important to book an emergency dentist appointment.

As toothache is primarily caused due to food particles stuck between the teeth. Before anything goes wrong, the person should do certain things.

  • Dental floss: Flossing helps in removing those food particles stuck between the teeth which cannot be removed by merely brushing the teeth.
  • Dental floss can remove the maximum food particles.
  • Cold Press: Cold compression with the help of an ice pack temporarily helps in reducing the pain.
  • Salt Water Treatment: Rinsing the mouth with moderately hot water with a pinch of salt can be very helpful. As salt and hot water are used for sterilisation purposes, they can also help in pulling away from the fluid that is stuck in one’s mouth and reduce the pain.
  • Generally, herbal treatments are also proven to be useful.
  • Clove Oil: Clove oil acts as a natural antiseptic that will prevent any further infection in the teeth and reduce a bit of inflammation. When clove oil is put over the swollen area it immediately reduces the inflammation and sterilises the place.
  • Garlic: Mashed garlic applied on the swollen or infected teeth helps in reducing the pain and also kills the bacteria that is responsible for this pain.
  • Tea with Peppermint Extract: Peppermint is proven to be very much soothing for toothaches.

Dentist’s Diagnosis:
The dentist reviews the toothache by asking some questions to its patients and examining the spot of pain.

The dentist first locates the area of pain, asks about the origin of the pain, and asks about the severity of the pain and the actions which reduces or cause inflammations of the pain. After asking these questions, the dentist and his team conduct a physical test to locate the site of inflammation.

Treatment of the Toothache:
Toothache can also be a result of a cavity on a tooth or teeth. In such a case, the dentist will either take out that tooth or fill the cavity as it depends on the effect the cavity has done on that particular tooth. If only one cavity is only present in a particular area, then the cavity is filled up. If there are cavities all over the tooth, then the tooth should be removed.

After the dental treatment, the dentists provide certain medications and some limitations on certain food products that help the tooth in recovering faster. Battersea emergency dentists are efficient and very much cooperative. One can also book an emergency dentist appointment in Chatfield Dental Centre.

Prevention of Toothache:
Toothache can be a very minor yet very severe problem. On the tiny spot of pain can create a lot of nuisance in a person’s daily life. And the immense dental pain can also make a person very much cranky and rude. Toothache can be avoided quite easily by following a few steps:

  • Regular brushing.
  • Flossing once a day
  • A regular check-up with a dentist
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